Welcome to my blog!

I am so excited to share this blog with you!

Must admit setting up this blog was not the easiest thing to do. Not because I found it technically difficult, but because I had a hard time convincing myself that my thoughts on the big domain of data could be valuable to someone else.

For the last two years, I have been fortunate enough to join the SQLcommunity speaking at conferences in Europe and joining webinars. Still, I only started working with data three years ago. I have a Master of Science within Marin Technology – so it was not necessarily in the cards for me to switch it all up and change to the world of data!

Having a different educational background and being fairly new to the community comes with the price of a huge imposter syndrome for me. Always. When I am having the best time at the conferences with this amazing community that welcomed me with open arms, I always look around and think “Wow, these people are legends. Experts. MVPs! Why am I here?”.

So, to conquer those thoughts I have decided to make a blog. Because, maybe, some of my thoughts, opinions and learnings will be interesting or even valuable for some of you.

Why DataAscend?

I spend most of my spare time exploring the outdoors and I am currently collecting the highest peaks above 2000 mamsl in Norway that requires climbing. I wanted to relate this blog and the name of the blog to my personality. Also, I think there is a nice analogy with the exponential growth of the mountain of data as well as the development in technology, where we need to work toward continuous learning to keep up with this domain.

When you ascend a mountain you are rewarded with this incredible view and sense of achievement. I think it is the same with learning new things in tech. We need to climb!

Ascend means go up or climb.


What can you expect?

Being new to the domain, I find myself needing to relate everything technical to business value and the “real-life world”. Therefore, I hope my take on technology can be valuable to non-technical people, and people on the business side, as well as for more hands-on technical resources.

So, I will share. My thoughts. Learnings. Opinions. Best practices. Data. Power BI. Data Governance. Girl Power. Hopefully, I can inspire some of you.

So join me as we climb this ever-growing mountain of data!

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