PASS Data Community Summit 2022 in Seattle!

I am writing this post as I am heading back to Norway and should be sleeping on the plane to walk off the plane in perfect sync with CET. So much for that plan. Posting it a bit later though.

I want to share my experience with the PASS Data Community Summit from the previous week. Hopefully, I can inspire some of my peers to join in person, remotely or even better as a speaker next year.

This was my first time attending PASS ever, and I was lucky enough to participate as a speaker. For those of you that do not know what PASS is, it is the largest data conference in the world with 370 sessions, and 364 speakers from all over the world!

It lasts from Monday to Friday, with precons (full-day training on one topic) on Monday and Tuesday, and regular sessions from Wednesday – Friday. I presented my session with Johan Ludvig Brattås on “Building trust in your data – why Data Governance is key to success” on Wednesday. Thank you to everyone who came to our session, the questions and the great discussions. It was a lot of fun presenting this to you.


Johan and I planned our trip to the US so that we could also join the SQLSaturdayOregon the Saturday prior to PASS. That was a perfect way to kick off the tour. The amazing organizers of SQLSaturdayOregon arranged for a waterfall tour the Friday prior, and we had a lot of fun presenting on Synapse + Power BI + Purview = True – why the combination of these three is a match made in heaven on Saturday. This was our first time presenting this session together, and I want to thank Johan for including me in this, as this originally was his session – and in general for being an AMAZING mentor.

More than just a community

It was such a great time. I loved meeting the SQLCommunity. As was mentioned multiple times during the conference, this is more than just a community, this is family. And I am really surprised and humbled that I am now a part of this. If you know something you share it. If you have a question you can ask, and someone will help you.

And also, it was such fun with all the social activities. Karaoke, smashing crabs with a hammer, hanging out at the community zone, laughing and making new friends.

I hope to go back next year, for this was truly unique.

Thank you to Redgate for hosting such a great conference and making my first Pass experience one to remember!


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